A Visual Guide to Burlington, Vermont


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Even though I grew up in New England, I hadn’t ever traveled to Vermont until last summer. I had a hard time deciding where I wanted to go as I was planning my trip (because, hello–have you seen Vermont?), but after few Vermont-ers recommended Burlington, I decided to head there. It was amazing (I may have asked my husband if he’d ever want to move there). If you’ve never been and you like beautiful places, I highly recommend it. And in case you need a little travel inspiration, here are a few of my favorite photos from around Burlington.


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Have you ever visited Burlington? What were some of the highlights of your trip? If you haven’t visited, what would you most like to see or do there? Let me know in the comments!

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  • I’m actually from Burlington, Vermont! I’m lucky to have grown up in such a beautiful place! I’m currently overseas and your photos are really making me miss home! Excited to head back in May!

    Beautiful Photos!

    xoxo Olivia

    • So glad you enjoyed the photos, Olivia! I definitely know the feeling of being away from the place you grew up. 🙂 I seriously loved Burlington and hope to return sometime! Where are you traveling?

      • I go to college in Cleveland, OH! But my boyfriends from Australia so I’ve been traveling there a lot recently and plan on moving here for a few years after I graduate! So excited to go back home for a few months though in May!

        • Awesome! What a great place to be able to call “home” (even if travel sometimes complicates our idea of what that means–at least it has for me). Enjoy your spring and summer in Burlington! 🙂

  • Megan

    I love these pictures! I want to do an east coast road trip and will definitely stop here!

    • Thanks so much, Megan! Glad you enjoyed them. 🙂 And I definitely recommend it! Everywhere I drove in VT was lovely, but this was where I had a few days to really explore. I would be a bad Mainer if I didn’t also recommend that you head to Maine on your East Coast road trip! 😉 Are you from the western US?

  • Alaine Handa

    Oh my goodness! Your pictures of Burlington are gorgeous! I miss going skiing in Vermont. If there was ever a place in the US I’d want to retire to, it would be Vermont. Such a beautiful state!

    • Thank you so much, Alaine! I agree–it’s an incredibly beautiful state! I took the scenic route when I drove from PA last year, and I loved it. Definitely want to go back and explore more places there. Glad you enjoyed the photos. 🙂

  • Lacey S. Dobo

    Beautiful photos! I’m close to visiting all 50 states but Vermont is still to come! I’ll have to remember Burlington!

    • Thank you so much! And that’s awesome. I am nowhere NEAR that, but being from New England I’ve at least got those states covered. 🙂 Definitely recommend Burlington whenever you get to Vermont. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Brianne

    I was only in Burlington one time – on the way to and from Stowe – but I would love to get back. It is such a charming and picturesque town, as you captured so wonderfully in these photos!

    • Thanks so much, Brianne! I totally agree. And I loved getting out on the bike path and to the top of Mt. Philo–some amazing views everywhere I looked. I definitely want to explore more of Vermont.

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