Havana, Cuba in 30 Photos


In 2004 I traveled to Cuba for the first time as part of my college study abroad program. I visited 4 countries throughout the semester, and every one of them left a deep impact on me. But Cuba…there was something about Cuba that completely captured my imagination and kept calling me back over the next decade.

I’ll be honest–I lacked any photography skills to speak of on that first trip, but I had such a drive to capture what it felt like to be there. Ten years later, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to return. And this time, I went prepared to capture something of Cuba’s essence.

There are a lot of layers, assumptions, and complicated realities to Cuba’s story. But for now, I simply want to share a few of the photographs from some afternoons spent wandering around Havana.

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Have you ever visited Cuba? What were some of the highlights of your trip? If you haven’t visited, what would you most like to see or do there? Let me know in the comments!
street photography | photos from Havana, Cuba | travel to Cuba @roamtheamericas
street photography | photos from Havana, Cuba | travel to Cuba @roamtheamericas

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  • These are really great photos. I love the way you captured the colors and the off-center composition. Very striking. I look forward to following you and seeing more of your work.

    • Thanks so much, @Go_With_Talia:disqus! Really appreciate the kind words and I’m so glad you enjoyed the photos. Look forward to chatting with you more!

  • Your photos are amazing. Very interesting and inspiring to see what sort of photos you chose as I was there around a year ago and have a few similar photos yet also lots of different ones. Love the photos you took of the people, really captures the vibe of Havana. It is surely a very unique place to visit!
    Nadine Cathleen | Karateandcaviar.com

    • Thank you, Nadine! 🙂 It’s always interesting to see what other people notice and capture, isn’t it? I have loved seeing other photographers’ work from Cuba as well (like Dotan Saguy and David duChemin). Did you travel anywhere in the country besides Havana?

  • It must have been an incredible experience to visit when the borders were so controlled. I would hope it hasn’t changed too much since Cuba & America started being friends again – but your post has inspired me to get their quick before it does. Beautiful pictures of a country that has captured the minds of so many curious travelers!

    • Thanks so much, Vicki! Sorry I missed your comment until now. It was really incredible, and I definitely felt the pull to return–so thankful I was able to. And there are definitely aspects of globalization that are negative, but I think there are elements that will help the average Cuban as well. It’s definitely complex, but I will say that Cubans are very resilient and proud of their heritage, and I don’t think (and hope) they’ll retain their culture. Will definitely be different for me to go back someday and see Coca-cola or McDonald’s. :/ Anyway, glad you found the photos inspiring! Hope you get to travel there soon. 🙂

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