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4 Ecuador Destinations That Will Make You Forget About the Galápagos

Ecuador is a country with a stunning and diverse landscape, but many people planning a trip there think only of the Galápagos Islands—with a stopover in Quito being a logistical afterthought. But there’s far more to Ecuador than these famous islands—and even more to discover beyond the Amazon jungle or gorgeous beaches. Check out these 4 lesser-known (but just as incredible) places to visit in Ecuador!

Where to Learn Spanish in Nicaragua

The ability to speak the native language of a country has a profound impact on our travel experiences. And taking a language class while traveling is one of the best ways to learn because it combines structured learning with real-world exchanges. This experiential learning is what made my language learning journey come alive while I was studying abroad, and I was excited to read about a blogging friend’s recent language learning experience in Central America. Here’s her story about a beautiful language school in Nicaragua!

7 (More) Awkward Language Moments from Travelers

If you’ve traveled cross-culturally, you’ve probably made a few blunders along the way, and sometimes it helps to know we’re not alone in the embarrassing moments we have trying to learn a second language. Part 4 in the language and travel series brings you even more reader stories full of language mishaps and cross-cultural blunders while traveling abroad.