There's more to Arizona's Petrified Forest than fossilized wood! The 28-mile scenic drive  features scenic views of colorful badlands. Here are three recommended stops!

must-see views in petrified forest national park

Tiponi Point

This is a quick pull-off and beautiful introduction to the landscape of the Painted Desert area of Petrified Forest NP with its red and pink hues.  📍 A great backdrop for photos!


Bonus: Take a short hike at nearby Kachina Point for immersive views!

blue mesa


This spur from the main road is worth it, offering a beautiful contrast to the browns, reds, and pinks in the northern section of the park.

You can hike a one-mile trail down into the middle of the mesa for immersive views of this stunning landscape!

This park has one of the largest deposits of petrified wood in the world! The short trails around the Rainbow Forest Museum offer an easy chance to see it up close.


giants logs trails

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