Accessible by bridge, this island with charming Maine villages and coastal views is not far from Acadia National Park but often overlooked.  Here are 3 reasons to add it to your Maine bucket list!

Deer Isle, Maine


You’ll see one of the busiest lobster port in Maine.

Stonington is a true working harbor, and you’ll see lobstermen (and women!) bringing in their catch throughout the day.


There are tons of nature spots to explore.

From former granite quarries to a barred island to an archipelago of 50+ islands, Deer Isle has tons of places that are every bit as scenic as the more popular areas on the coast.

All I knew about Deer Isle was that there was nothing you could say about it, but if I didn’t go I was crazy. ”

– John Steinbeck


Enjoy the slow pace of island life.

Prefer an itinerary that says “Wake up, eat breakfast, and drive around”

If you...

Want to follow roadside signs to discover some quirky little shop or farm

Want to ditch the internet and instead ask locals what to do

Are craving an escape from the crowds with a simple drive over a bridge

...Deer Isle may be just your style.

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